Measure the emotional maturity of your brand experience and discover how to create a brand people fall in love with.

The Experience Map measures the strength of your brand experience maturity across the 7 disciplines of the Beyond Brand Methodology. Available in 3 different models we demonstrate the experience maturity of the individual leader, the leadership team and the organisational audience. Outlining areas where you can increase profit, loyalty and satisfaction, as well as reduce operating costs, churn & complaints.

The Experience Map measures the strength of your experience maturity across the 7 disciplines of the Beyond Brand Methodology. SIGN UP TODAY


Beyond Brand

Specifically designed for leaders who have responsibility for the customer in the organisation. The Individual Experience Map uses 49 questions to measure the experience maturity. Looking at the individual leaders perspective, the results of the questionnaire produce a 40 page PDF report outlining the current score in each of the 7 disciplines.

We explain the methodology of each discipline, outlining the difference in the strength of the score for each of them. We also look at common mistakes and make recommendations for areas of improvement to produce a world class experience.

With a clear definition of the areas of focus, this product enables the leader to prioritise next steps and target improvement initiatives.


With the Team Experience Map we take the Individual Experience Map to a new level.

Taking the opinions of a whole team we are able to use the individual reports, but also produce a team report to look at the dynamic of the scoring across the team and the variance across each of the 7 disciplines.

This is particularly valuable when reviewing the customer strategy within the business, or looking at measuring the understanding of the current position.

The results will stimulate constructive debate within leadership teams in order to gain a collective view on what the customer strategy should look like. By bringing to the table a gap analysis of the areas of development, focus can be collectively agreed for initiatives moving forward.


The Enterprise Experience Map is the most comprehensive of the experience maps.

Using 3 different questionnaires we take into account the views of all the stakeholders of a business.

Whilst leaders still use the individual questionnaire, we have designed a specific questionnaire to measure all other employees, as well as a compact customer version to allow you to measure a selection of your customers.

The results are outstanding! Here a clear view of what your leadership teams, employees and customers think of the experience can be viewed in one place. Delivering a results dashboard which demonstrates the areas you need to develop in order to deliver on your brand promise.

GDHA – Jonathan Casley (MD)

Craig came to work with us in October 2014 and helped us to provide our customers with a better experience whilst delivering an improved commercial performance for our Customer Care division. He joined us at a challenging time, but re-engaged the team here and also worked with the Board to provide us with a new Customer Care Strategy. His ability to bring key stakeholders and external customers on the journey made a key difference, whilst he worked with the team to improve our performance. Craig was good to work with and has the key skills in delivering Business Transformation and Customer Experience strategy. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him and Consort to others.

GDPA – Mark Abbott (MD)

Working with Craig it is clear he is a visionary in the Customer Experience space. He has the ability to quickly find the key initiatives and strategies that will deliver tangible benefits to a company’s performance, and then engage teams to focus on the delivery to make change happen. He balances lots of different workstreams and stakeholders when delivering change programmes, whilst ensuring that every one of them feels important and his priority. His energy and enthusiasm ensures that both employees and key customers are fully engaged and confident in his approach. I’m sure Craig will help many more companies to deliver successful results with Consort in the future.

Britannia – Chris Honer (MD)

Working with Craig at Britannia was easy, as he clearly understands the requirements of a luxury lifestyle brand and the difference in their customer’s expectations. He is a seasoned practitioner of CRM strategy, delivering customer excellence across all channels and brings to life changes that make a material difference to the customer journey. He maximises the investment in the customer proposition to deliver service excellence and ensure customers remain advocates of the brand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Craig and Consort to those who are looking for a consultancy that understands the requirements of a premium brand experience.

Genesys - Keith Wilkinson (VP Cloud EMEA)

Craig has unique blend of understanding business and operational challenges mixed with detailed technical and product knowledge. Craig has a drive and hunger for information that allows him to get the best business outcome on all projects that he is involved in. Craig was a pleasure to work with, building the correct types of relationships and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

Aviva – Timothy Kett (Programme Manager)

I had the pleasure of working with Craig and his team on a number of internal projects and initiatives within Inchcape, I found Craig to be professional, knowledgeable and would always be able to bring new ideas and solutions to the table and I hope to have the opportunity to work with Craig again in the future.

The 7 disciplines to a loved brand

Purpose purpose

Purpose is at the core of Beyond Brand. People need to understand why you are different from your Competition, what your USP is and what it is that you stand for. It needs to be distinctly different, resonate with their beliefs and be consistently clear in all communications. In this step we uncover the value of a clear purpose, why your business needs to be clear what its purpose is and how it can provide you with competitive advantage.

Audience audience

Knowing your audience is going to be key to successfully attracting the right people to your business. This is as true of your employees as it is your customers, and to some extent the community who are not yet either. Businesses that do this well know the importance that culture and engagement play when connecting with your tribe. This is crucial if you are to create loyal, long lasting relationships that connect people to your brand.

Approach approach

Now you understand your audiences you need to understand how to reach them! This is a strategy in itself and one that should be designed, not left to chance. People fall in love with the experience you give them, or they do with brands that they connect with for the long term. In order to achieve this you need to emotionally connect with your audience in a personalised approach that makes them feel valued, loved and important.

Channel channel

You need to consider all the channels which you use to communicate with your audiences. We now live in a digital age so having a channel strategy that incorporates digital as well as traditional channels is a must if you are to survive. Just as important though is the integration between the channels you use, the devices used to communicate with and the data that all of these channels produce. Sounds complicated but in this step we simplify it and extract the key takeaways you need to consider to get your business on track with an omni-channel approach.

Offer offer

Traditional measures like products and price are no longer really areas of competitive advantage. The new area of competitive advantage is the experience you deliver to your audiences. It should be consistently different from what is offered by your competitors, easily recognisable as yours and give you a real differentiation to be able to price against. 86% of customers are happy to pay more for a great experience! That is something you cannot afford to include in your business strategy!

Advantage advantage

We live in a world now where we produce so much data we don’t know what to do with it! But collecting information is only important when you know which parts to use, how to model it and then use techniques to turn it into insight & value. If you can do this though the outcomes are outstanding! We explain the areas you need to consider and demystify this area of great advantage that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Evolution evolution

Great companies evolve. They have creative DNA owing right through them. They dedicate time, money & resources to long term innovation that is separate from the current budgets. They strive to understand more and when they do, they put it to good use. They create their own path instead of following others and they are the ones who have raving fans and loyal tribes! They survive in the long run and those that don’t evolve fall away.

The Experience Map


Loyalty is the Holy Grail that companies are looking for. That experience that makes customers and employees ‘sticky’ to them and where the long-term value is found. You don’t get that from a product or service, you get that because of the way you make someone feel! It needs to be personal, it needs to be different and it needs to be consistent. Truly great companies inspire!

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The Experience Map measures the strength of your experience maturity across the 7 Disciplines of the Beyond Brand Methodology. SIGN UP TODAY